Memento Mori

Humanity has always been driven to record the passage of time. Every device we’ve built begins as a simple tool, but evolves to carry such a heavy meaning.

Memento Mori serves as a reminder that all things must come to an end. Upon turning the clock on, you are prompted to enter in some basic information about yourself. From there it pulls data from the World Health Organization to establish a countdown in minutes, to your inevitable demise. At zero the clock will commemorate your life by playing a song, as a final reminder of your time here on Earth. This song can only be heard by those that make it to zero, as it's impossible to cheat the countdown.

The implied message of Memento Mori is built upon your system of beliefs, and what you think could be on the other side. This clock serves no other function than to be a record.

Available exclusively through the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.